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Nashville Indie Pop Artist Shelby Elle Comes Alive- Just in Time for Spring

Releasing May 14th // 1am EST


Shelby Elle's new song, co-written with producer Geoff Duncan, offers us all a chance to break up with a long winter.


 Elle says, 'there's this day at the beginning of spring when everyone discovers they can finally drive with the windows down. And that's the feeling "Coming Alive" offers is a renewal of a new season and perspective.


"Coming Alive" is Shelby Elle's second single she has released as a solo artist. The song has tons of energy, driving synths, and textured guitar melodies that make it a 'go to' summer track. Elle teamed up with billboard charted producer Geoff Duncan to co-write and produce a song this time around. Duncan is well known for his work with Zayde Wolf and EDM artist Jordan Grace. 


"The day we wrote coming alive, I remember Geoff looked at me and said, "let's just make a song that makes people feel good," and the lyric "coming alive" came pretty shortly after that. It's a song about finally feeling normal after a hard breakup. It's been a tough year for everyone, so the goal of coming alive was to make people feel like they could roll their windows down and feel hopeful about life." 


I think everyone can relate to a hard breakup. It's an experience I've been through personally. It always makes sense when you look back, but it never feels good in the moment. I wanted to celebrate the moment where life finally starts to feel hopeful again. You can see past the heartbreak and come back to life. 


Geoff has this special gift of being able to make any artist feel like they could hit #1 on the charts. He is a straight shooter and will tell you straight up if it's not working, which was one of the biggest reasons I wanted to work with him. We came out of the first session with the chorus written, and neither of us could stop listening to it. That's when we knew it was worthy of some verses. The whole project has felt surreal from start to finish. Geoff is a 'pro of pros'. I am super grateful I got the chance to work with him."


Writers: Shelby Elle & Geoff Duncan 

Production: Geoff Duncan 

Management: Graybeard Management 

Cover Art: Noah Torralba



IG: @shelby.elle

FB: @shelbyellemusic

YT: Shelby Elle





Shelby Elle completed a 3 song EP with fellow electronic artist “Vesper”. The project was experimental and was strategic in Shelby Elle’s development both as an artist, writer, and her cutting edge sound. The EP includes 3 original songs written and produced by the duo. The track titles are “What Do You Say”, “Too Long” & “Stay” distributed independently in October of 2019.